Auto Maintenance in Rochester, NY

Auto Maintenance in Rochester, NY and Surrounding Communities

Auto Maintenance in Rochester, NYThe key to maximizing road life for any automobile is keeping up with its scheduled auto maintenance needs. As your dealership alternative, Browncroft Garage can complete any service necessary to keep your foreign or domestic car, truck, van or SUV running strong mile after mile. Give our car shop a call when your vehicle is due for auto maintenance in Rochester and we'd be happy to provide you with an estimate or schedule you an appointment.

  • Factory Auto Maintenance
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Conventional Oil Change
  • Engine Maintenance
  • 30/60/90K Maintenance
  • Complete Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Toyota Maintenance
  • Domestic Auto Maintenance
  • New York State Vehicle Inspections
  • Automotive Fluid Services
  • Coolant Flush
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Air Filter & Fuel Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Hybrid Maintenance
  • Honda Maintenance
  • Foreign Auto Maintenance
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

30/60/90K Maintenance

30/60/90K Maintenance in Rochester, NYMost cars and trucks require service check ups every 30,000 miles or at other specified intervals. Not only are these appointments necessary to keep your vehicle safe and reliable, but to ensure your warranty remains valid too. The services completed at these appointments will vary model to model, but you can expect fluid checks and top offs, filter replacements, safety and performance diagnostics, undercar inspections and other minor maintenance. To learn about the costs of auto maintenance in Rochester, please call us.

Full Service Oil Change

Full Service Oil Change in Rochester, NYThe most frequent maintenance required by modern autos is an oil change. Browncroft Garage can complete a synthetic oil change or a conventional oil change for your car at the necessary mileage marker, which is generally every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Our full service, fast oil change includes new oil, a quality oil filter and a complimentary vehicle inspection.

Automotive Fluid Flush Services

The fluids utilized by a vehicle need to be drained and refilled throughout its life to ensure the liquids are contaminant free. This service is known as a fluid flush. For your vehicle we can complete a coolant flush, transmission fluid flush, differential flush, power steering flush or a brake fluid flush. Each of these fluid flush services are necessary to keep your car healthy.

Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses and Car Tune Up Services in Rochester, NYThe rubber belts and hoses found under your vehicle's hood are subject to extreme operating conditions. As the miles add up, these parts will wear down, requiring them to be replaced. Among the most common belts and hoses that need to be replaced are the radiator hoses, serpentine belt and the timing belt. We can perform any of these services for your car or truck.

Car Tune Up Services

When your car doesn't seem to be running quite right, it could be time for an engine tune up. Common signs a car tune up could be beneficial include a decrease in fuel efficiency, a rough idle or sluggish performance. During a tune up a vehicle may undergo a variety of minor auto maintenance, such as receiving new spark plugs, a new air filter or fuel filter, or fuel injection cleaning. To schedule a tune up in Rochester please give our friendly team a call.

As your source for dealer alternative auto maintenance in Rochester, we can complete any and all services required by your gas powered car, truck or SUV to keep it running great. To learn more about our full service auto shop, or to schedule an appointment please call (585) 676-6991. We look forward to providing you and your vehicle with exceptional service.

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